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First we would like to say thank you so much for visiting our site and we hope you like what you see!

YOU Photography was started by John and Becca, an engaged couple living in Orlando, FL who works as a great team and has an eye for creativity. John has been behind the camera since high school and worked as a professional photographer for special event photogrpahy companies all through college. Becca is the ultimate renaissance woman with skills as a planner, decorator, idea maker, and all around team leader.

John loves: taking pictures everywhere he goes, cookies 'n' cream ice cream (and mint chocolate chip), orangina as a beverage, any good movie, CSI (Miami preferably because Horatio is so strange), extremely soft blankets, a cold corona by the pool/beach, date nights with Becca at our favorite Sushi restaurant, being with family and friends, making people laugh and laying on the couch with our pups- Charlie and Darla.

Becca loves: baking anything and everything, CUPCAKES!, interesting medical facts, cookie dough, pepsi with a spoon, watching her favorite reality shows like Real Housewives, anything on Food network, and all wedding shows, extravagant mirrors and decorations, malibu bay breezes to drink, babies clothes (she wishes they made them in her size), shopping and getting great deals, tanning to get vitamin b, visiting family and friends, saying random things that you wouldn't expect for shock value, and laying on the couch with our pups- Charlie and Darla.

Being engaged and having to go through the stress of finding the perfect photographer to meet our needs, standards, and be within a reasonable budget is something we have been all too familiar with. John heard so many times "It's too bad you can't just duplicate yourself and be your own wedding photographer." This is the reason we decided to start YOU Photography. Our goal is to provide YOU with exactly what YOU want as a client at an affordable price, because let's face it... planning a wedding isn't cheap. We want to make the moments you have waited for and the memories you will never forget the most enjoyable and exciting experiences of your life!

Plus we will make sure we all have a great time working together!

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