Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Lately

We have been so blessed and SO busy. Rounding out October we were in my cousin, Danny and his new wife, Amanda's wedding at Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL. We had the BEST time ever and are so happy for them and wish them the longest lifetime of happiness! We love you guys! I have so many great shots from my experiences as a groomsmen that I can't wait to post and share!!

We also just got back from Savannah where we had the opportunity to shoot the wedding for the new Mr. and Mrs. Alex Moschina! I can't wait to post the photos we got from their wedding. Savannah is AMAZING when it comes to the historic beauty and photographic moments! The wedding was very intimate at the Old Pink House, unbelievable setting, and even 2 seperate serenades by a local singer. Here is a sneak peek from their nuptials!


Sneak Peek, Jackson Scott: Newborn

What a small world, or in this little guy's case a GIANT one! I was contacted by the Scott family to do a shoot of their newborn (1 week old) baby Jackson Garrett. When they got to our studio we realized they were a couple we previously met at our friend's Whitney and Rob's wedding last October in NY! We actually sat with them and talked for a while at the wedding. So it was a pleasure to get to do this session for them and their new lil guy. Here is a sneak peek of our session with them!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Durham Family Fall & Maddie Elizabeth 6 Month/Halloween Session

We always love seeing this amazing family and their little happy bundle of everything cute. For Halloween her grandfather found her this extremely high-quality sheep's costume. She was so well behaved and definitely the cutest sheep we had ever seen! We all went to a farm which happened to have a fall festival going on with horses and a pumpkin patch and all the best natural light we could have ever asked for. When we sat Maddie in the middle of the field the rays of sun were literally shinning on her through the trees. It was unbelievable and she really was the best little model for us. We can't wait to shoot with the Durham's again in December as we take their Christmas photos!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maddie Elizabeth Christening Sneak Peek

We are looking so forward to working with the precious Maddie Elizabeth this weekend as we take her 6 month and Halloween photos! Here is a peek of her christening that we photographed. She looked so adorable in her long white dress and was so well behaved during the entire ceremony and her after party!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Whitney & Rob Maternity Session

When one of Becca's closest friends, Whitney, became pregnant we were so excited for the moment when we would be able to shoot her maternity photos.  We had so many fun ideas from blue bows on the belly, to silhouettes at sunrise, playing in fall leaves, and surprise sonogram images. When we got there we knew we wanted to shoot the day as a fall-themed experience. It was one of the first fall weeks with perfect weather, unreal sun/ natural lighting, and the colors of fall everywhere. From being Celebration residents, Whitney and Rob knew some amazing spots for photos and with Becca and I's creative eye we all made the best team together (and of course had a blast spending the day with two of the most fun people we know!) 

We all agreed we did NOT want to do the standard/nude/creepy/painted basketball belly looking maternity photos. So of course we brainstormed and came up with some exciting new ways to celebrate being pregnant through our photos. We hope you enjoy!

What is really amazing about the above photo is that I thought I was just taking a picture of a note Rob had wrote to Whitney that laid on their vanity and nearby were all the sonogram images. What I didn't realize is how special this picture actually became. Before they got married last October, they each wrote a sealed letter to each other and weren't allowed to open it until 6 months after they were married. Well in the very beginning of the letter Rob writes "By the time you read this I hope you are already pregnant, because you will make the best mother, if not, I'm sure you will be soon!" So a simple note I thought I would make a great picture turned out to mean so much more to them! Congratulations again you two. We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet lil' Robert! 



I love this image above because Rob is from NY and of course a HUGE Yankees fan. I noticed in their house a minature newborn Yankees hat. So in a way this is the first father/son photo together!

Summer Leaves and Fall Shines

With wedding planning of our own (January 14, 2012!) and buying our first home, Becca and I have been SO extremely busy over the past few months, but I will be posting our latest work very soon including more of our camera-ready newborn, Maddie Elizabeth from her christening celebration and a brand new maternity shoot with Whitney and Rob at Celebration FL! We are looking forward to all our upcoming shoots this fall with Maddie Elizabeth, and her 6 month/Halloween photos (her mom Ashley knows that Becca is already excitedly finding amazing newborn Halloween costumes for her!), Ansley and Joe's engagement session in Tampa (and of course their wedding to follow next summer), Paige and Justin's engagement session, and all the brand new babies our friends are having (Congrats to Irene, Andrew and baby Adam/ Kiana, Phil and baby Ella Pearl) We are SO excited to see you guys and meet both of your newest additions and (of course) take LOTS of pictures!
We just got back in town from one of my closest friends, Carlie, and my fraternity brother, Matt's perfect/ridiculously fun wedding in Tampa. We feel so fortunate to have such great family and friends who are always there for us and we are SO excited to share our special day with all of them in January. We are so busy, but so blessed and are looking forward to an amazing fall with so many great sessions of You Photography moments!

Much Love,
John and Becca

Friday, June 17, 2011

Durham Family & newborn Maddie Elizabeth

Here are our sessions with the Durham family and their 7 week old Maddie Elizabeth. Ashley is one of my oldest friends from high school and Elijah is a perfect soulmate to her. Maddie is the apple to both their eyes and we are so happy for their new family! Ashley was gracious enough to have us photograph Maddie and we added a Saints themed shot for Elijah for a Fathers Day present because it is his favorite team.  We look forward to watching Maddie grow with new shoots every 3 months!